Grupo Alves Bandeira offers health insurance to their more than 800 employees


As part of the human resources policy and the valuing of its employees, the Alves Bandeira Group, one of the 50 largest Portuguese economic groups, decided to offer health insurance to the more than 800 employees who make up its universe of companies.


Aware of the importance that health has for the well-being of each employee, Rui Bandeira, President of the Alves Bandeira Group, is peremptory in stating that "the offer of Health Insurance is today, more than ever, seen as a benefit of unique value and certainly appreciated by all our employees."


SegurB is the group company responsible for the mediation and management of this insurance, which provides national coverage through a network of more than 20,000 service providers. This insurance guarantees coverage in case of hospitalization and access to doctors of all specialties, reference hospitals and clinics, wellness networks, and online doctors, among other exclusive advantages.


Employees of the group companies are protected even abroad, where they can benefit from monitoring and transport or repatriation due to an accident or sudden illness. They are also able to easily access all the necessary information through the application provided by the insurer, or through the website of the same.


"The investment and offer of this health insurance to all our employees is representative of our commitment to the well-being, motivation, and satisfaction of all those who daily wear our sweater.", says Rui Bandeira.


The provision of health insurance is the first of a set of new benefits that the Alves Bandeira Group will launch later this year and throughout 2023 for all its employees.

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