Health Care Card



Healthcare Network - what we offer
  • Access to the Servimed Network with more than 12,000 providers nationwide,
  • Fixed fees for consultations, medical examinations, and surgical acts at reduced prices.

What services can the customer make use of?
  • General practice and specialty consultations
  • Emergency consultations
  • Auxiliary diagnostic tests
  • Surgical packages
  • Hospital care in deliveries and hospitalizations
  • Agreed values in all medical acts, allowing a reduction of about 40% in health expenses
  • Ease and speed in booking appointments, exams, or hospitalizations, through a simple phone call.

Permanent Customer Service
  • Central for Appointment Booking
  • Telephone Medical Counseling
  • Doctor at home in case of emergency
  • Access to the Servimed Network
  • Access to the Dental Network
  • Births and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Access to the Network of Pharmacies and Agreed Optics
  • Ambulance dispatch
  • 2nd National Medical Opinion
  • Annual check-up
  • Nurse services at home